Who are we?

The PBFSA is the oldest breed specific organization in South Africa. The PBFSA is dedicated to the preservation and realistic promotion of the American Pit Bull Terrier in South Africa. We are committed to educating the South African public about the breed.

What we stand for:

The PBFSA’s main goal is always to portray the American Pit Bull Terrier in a positive light. We pride ourselves in adhering to a strict code of ethical conduct, which we believe is vital when owning the most misunderstood breed in the world. We are totally against the fighting of dogs, and we detest animal cruelty.  The PBFSA strongly opposes the breeding of unregistered pit bull terriers, and we openly encourage sterilization and responsible pit bull ownership.

What we do:

Actively promote the American Pit Bull Terrier in an honest realistic way.

Encourage owners to be responsible and accountable for their dogs and to take ownership of the breed.

The PBFSA does this through its involvement as Breed Organisation in the following:

  • Educational Campaigns.
  • Training Sessions.
  • BSL Advocacy.
  • Community Outreach Programs – Rescue Organisations Partnership.

Petitions to ban the breed:

The public outcry for banning the breed has shone the light on a lot of existing problems. Therefore, PBFSA and COAPE have joined hands with the Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) to create a joint task team to identify short, medium and long term practical approaches to promote safety of all people living with a pit bull and pit bull-type dogs, to reduce and prevent injuries and loss of life on all fronts.

Add your name to our responsible owner’s data base to join us!

Our Partners: