10-yr Old mauled to death by family’s two Pit Bulls – First Take SA 28 September 2022

This morning’s interview on SA FM. The content of this interview does not hold back. We know there are many great dogs out there, but until all of society changes its mindset, until victim blaming stops, and until we admit there are problems and we push for those changes, EVERY Pit Bull will wear the stigma.

Listen, think about what is said, and realise to save the Pit Bull, there has to be changed. If how things are being done now worked, shelters would not be flooded and maulings would never happen.

Listen to the podcast:



A 10-year-old boy was mauled to death by his family’s two Pit bulls in his house in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape. It is alleged that the boy and two other children were in the house with the dogs. Police say they were forced to shoot and kill both dogs and are investigating the incident. Elvis Presslin spoke to Pit Bull Federation of South Africa spokesperson Lins Rautenbach. 






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