Appreciation Post

On behalf of the PBFSA board, management and staff we would like to extend our thanks to every pit bull owner and animal owner who braved the last few weeks with us. Despite your growing fears, you stood firm in your support. You shared posts on face book, you got involved, you learned new things and you conducted yourselves with the utmost dignity and for that we are truly grateful.

For now we ask you to go through the posts on our face book and web pages, not just the new ones. Familiarise yourselves with the content because soon we are all going to need your voices and for those voices to be heard we all need to speak the same language.

We thank Pit Pals in Cape Town and Cat Angels refuge in Zeerust and our amazing team from Vosloorus for stepping in and doing media interviews when our ladies where tied up in studio work or when an interview was not in English. Your organisations spoke for the pit bull and you very publicly stood by us, thank you. A special thank you goes to the team who have been making the posters.

Over the next two weeks we will be hitting the ground running, we have a game plan laid out and allies have stepped up. We call on every pit bull owner to remember the fear and panic this week, and to commit to being a voice that never lets emotion take over. We need informed, confident voices to be ready to join us in fighting for the safety of both human and dog.

Folks for now go breathe. Go love your dogs, support your local SPCA as they brave this storm.

Updates will follow as they are formalised.






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  1. Yolanda Avatar

    I’m not a member, but you have my full support!!!

    Pitbulls are lovable and they protect what belongs to them. Irresponsible owners are to blame.

    Pitbull Fan!

    1. Admin Avatar

      Thank you for the support

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