Bait Dogs

Before you donate ask for proof.

A badly bitten badly scarred dog is picked up, the dog is raced to the vet and taken in by a shelter, and the words“ Bait dog” echo across all social media platform, the funds pour in, offers for homes flood the shelters inbox and society is outraged, but nobody questions the validity of the story.

As with the stray scarred pit bull, many times dogs who escape, especially intact male dogs get into fights with other stray dogs. These injured animals often wander far from home and are found days later. When they are found their wounds are septic and they are in bad shape.

There are very disturbed individuals who do set their pit bulls onto other dogs, there are documented cases of this, but most badly beaten up dogs are not bait dogs.

Bait dogs was a term coined by the pit bull lobby machine to draw sympathy.

Unless you witnessed an owner setting his pit bull on the dog you have, claiming the dog was a bait dog is once again misleading the public.






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