Bloemfontein and Virginia SPCAs offering assisting to owners

”There has been an outpouring of emotions after an 8 year young child was mauled to death by a Pit Bull Dog. Rightly so.

We would like to send our sincere condolences to the parents and loved ones of the child.

This tragedy 😢 should not have happened. Responsible Pet Ownership is Vital!

If your dog suddenly acts aggressive and attacks a family member, please be that responsible person and call us.

A dog may suddenly display human aggressive behaviour without being mistreated or abused. The pressing issue is that we cannot have human aggressive dogs as pets. Human lives do come first and if you have a dog that displays dangerous behaviour towards humans you have to 📞 us on 079 776 1153 or 0761144788 and surrender your dog.

We are not judging, we are offering assistance. If you need assistance with a dog who is showing human directed aggression, please do not harm the dog, do not sell the dog, do not rehome or give the dog away. Please 📞 079 776 1153

we will assist you in a responsible and dignified manner.

Dogs, in fact all pets, have to be safely secured at their homes, yet still free to move around naturally within the property and home. Unnecessary confinement that prevents an animal to move freely within your property is unhealthy for your pet and can cause mental disorders. Exactly as a human would in unnatural confinement with lack of enough room to freely move around.

When you decide to make a pet part of your family adopt from your local SPCA or a responsible shelter. Avoid breeders that irresponsibly breed animals, especially power breed dogs.

An aggressive dog is not your answer to protection. That is what security companies and alarm systems are for.

However, a loved dog, carefully chosen and adopted to suit your family, will naturally warn ⚠️ you if intruders enter your property.

Dogs that sleep inside, are loving to their families and people, and will make alarm long before the intruders enter your home.

Dogs on chains are subjected to all sorts of danger. Poisoning, attacks from other dogs and the elements of nature. More importantly, they develop deep emotional and mental damage, and once off a chain, or escaped from confinement, may behave in a questionable and dangerous manner.

Not all dogs are human aggressive. Choose wisely when you decide to take in a dog as part of your family.

Dogs also want life. They too want to be protected and loved. Make sure you give your dog what they desire, the same as what you desire. If you feel that you need an aggressive dog for whatever purpose, then know that dog will pose a danger to you, your family and the community you live in. You can and will be prosecuted if your dog attacks any person on another property, in the street, and even your own property, unless such a person entered without warning and permission.

We would like to extend a helping hand by letting you know that if you have a dog that you are afraid of, and fear may bite or maul you, your family or any person in your community, then please, call us. Surrender your dog, if you fear he or she may pose a danger, and no questions asked. We will collect your dog if you cannot bring to us.

All dogs deserve love.

All humans deserve love.

Children need protection.

We all have a responsibility. Let’s teach our children to respect our pets, and let’s look after the dog we took in.

We cannot keep dogs as pets that are human directed aggressive. Society cannot allow dogs to maul and kill children or any other person of a family or a community.

We serve in Virginia, Hennenman, Theunissen, Ventersburg and Winburg.

📞 079 776 1153 if you no longer want your dog, fear your dog, or need to surrender any pet. Animals, regardless of whether they crossed the line, deserve dignity just like humans.

Let us help.”

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