Bloemfontein Homophobia

With the breed so in the spotlight, we are horrified at the video footage emerging from Bloemfontein. Homophobic, aggressive attacks on the SPCA by “activists” who claim to be speaking for the breed. Again we state we will not be associated with any organisation or movement who discriminates against anyone.  We urge pit bull owners to distance because this is how society will view you.

We would like everyone to step back from their emotions and consider why this happened and where it started, and productively channel your anger there.

The SPCAs are picking up pieces of a mess they never made.

‘Heartbroken’ SPCA puts down pit bulls: ‘It’s better than them being burnt alive’

Photo credit : Bloemfontein SPCA.

Look at these photos. These are the dogs a group of people are trying to tell you were loved family dogs.

Look at those conditions and we challenge you to explain to us how this was better than being euthanised.

Most people do not know what happened during those dark days, we chose to shield you all from it because we felt that there were things pit bull lovers would not be able to cope with, but perhaps it is time you knew.

Due to years and years of a broken justice and law enforcement system not doing its job, and criminally charging negligent and reckless owners who’s dogs maimed or killed people and animals, anger built up and it came to a head when two children lost their lives.

Imagine witnessing dogs stabbed, bludgeoned and set alight. Look at your dog and picture that happening.

The SPCAs in these areas did not have the luxury of time. They could not wait and see what would play out. But at the same time this is what confronted them when they collected surrenders dogs. Did these dogs deserve a horrific end after living this way?

The amount of extremism, racism, homophobia and vile behaviour that has come out to play from so called ” animal rights activists” has been shocking. This behaviour has no place in society. We at the PBFSA have refused from the start to align with any petitioners or “activists” for this reason. With the pit bulls fate in the balance, do you really want those who’s behaviour is so vile to represent your dog? People who’s emotions come before the welfare and fate of the pit bull?






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