Call for Breed Ban – Please read

Call for breed bans- please read the post in its entirety

The Pit Bull Federation of South Africa is aware of the call to ban pit bulls. We would like to urge pit bull owners to please for the sake of the breed to refrain from commenting. The public has every right to be outraged. If you would like to direct your anger at anyone, look in the mirror.

  1. For years we warned about spreading misinformation. Many of you insisted and still insist on shouting it is how you raise them. Well here we are.
  2. Breeders, we begged you to stop it. We begged you to ensure your pups were placed in knowledgeable hands. We begged you to have contracts and enforce sterilisations. Backyard breeders got their dogs from somewhere.. Well here we are.
  3. The “but my pittie is the best brigade”, your insensitivity, your tone deaf self serving rants on every post has given bad owners of dangerous dogs a get out of jail free card. There are bad dogs. Thank you for being a voice for the worst owners possible.
  4. The rescue community. Your lack of courage to do what it right, your unwillingness to learn, your arrogance, your dishonesty about your breed experience and the lies you fed the public helped get us here.
  5. Irresponsible owners who insist on doing attack training, who allow their dogs to escape, who acquire dogs from all the wrong places, who deny what these dogs are and are not, who don’t train and work with their dogs and who allow accidents..
  6. The show community. We warned you. When we disqualified dogs for human aggression, you ran to the next show organisation who took you in, because politics was what you all lived for. All you cared about was show sports. Well here we are.
  7. The law enforcement bodies who refuse to enforce the laws, and who do their best to avoid enforcing the laws ( yes we know) you have the lives of many on your hands.

The storm the PBFSA warned you all about over two decades is upon us. While you were all garnering for spotlight we were preparing for this day. And if these dogs are to stand a chance, every owner, needs to focus anger on those who got us here, and then join us in our fight to end the maulings, end the abuse and help us force accountability.






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