Over the last few days chaos has taken over, largely fueled by sensationalist dangerous media article headlines and fire fueling hearsay fed to you all by those who seek drama and outrage at the expense of anyone who will react with them. The PBFSA would like to clear up any misconceptions and relieve the anxiety you all feel.

  1. It is a petition folks, petitions happen all the time. There is no breed ban. A breed ban would have to go through the same process as any law that gets gazetted. Stop. Breathe. Stop lending your eyes and ears to those who have no idea of what is happening.
  2. Owning a pit bull is not against the law. Nobody may remove your pit bull if your dog is safely contained in your garden, if your pit bull has not attacked anyone and you are responsible. KEEP your dog.
  3. The SPCA is not removing peoples pets. The dogs surrendered were either dogs who had owners who were not coping, problem dogs, dogs living in unsuitable conditions or dogs who had their lives threatened. Please stop spreading hype and misinformation. Please support the organisations who have offered to get surrendered dogs to safety. If you are not coping phone your local SPCA they will help
  4. We have been in meetings and discussions with key role players to avert a ban and find a solution that benefits everyone.

So what next?

  • READ all articles not the headline.
  • Familiarise yourselves with the content of our posts, podcasts and news articles, everything you need to know as to why we are here is in there.
  • AVOID heated debates, attacks, and dramatic posts. The people claiming to know actually do not know. We will keep updates coming as they are available.

The future of the pit bull hinges on how we all proceed.






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