Considering Adding a Pit Bull to your Family?

So you or someone you know is considering adding a pit bull to the family. Here is some guidelines from the PBFSA.

A pit bull is a pit bull, registered or not?

Not true. As with any breed of dog temperament is over 70% inherited. Your puppy’s temperament is predetermined before birth. No amount of love or training can remove a faulty temperament. Online breeders be they registered or unregistered do not have an understanding of genetics. They breed male to female and that is where it ends. Being registered does not mean that a dogs temperament is guaranteed. So how do you chose a breeder if that is the route you want to take?

  • Ask your breeder for copies of both parents papers, send them to these will be passed on to the correct people who will look at the pedigrees, ask you questions and will advise.
  • NEVER BUY UNREGISTERED DOGS. There is no proof that what you are buying is a purebred pit bull. A pedigree is proof of lineage. It also provides valuable information to those in the know about your dogs ancestory.
  • Registered does not equal well bred. It purely means the dog is registered. Ask your breeder for the parents show and working titles. Contact us and we will offer feedback.
  • If your breeder is not selling on a contract walk away! Any breeder who is legitimate will want to protect their bloodline. No contract means you and your dog are viewed as an income. True breeders will also take your pup back should you not be able to keep him or her.
  • Health issues such as skin issues, heart defects and orthopedic issues are genetic. Legitimate breeders will not breed with dogs who have these complaints. Greeder breeders do not care and you could be in for massive vet bills.

Ok so you want to adopt a rescue. High 5 for wanting to do good. But rescued dogs are not automatic saints.

  • Research the shelter you are adopting from. Ask questions such as the name of the behaviourist and trainer who worked with the dog you plan on adopting.
  • Ask the rescuer what breed experience they have. If they tell you stories of the nanny dog, it is how you raise them or they are just like other dogs. WALK AWAY. Do not get bullied or guilted into adopting a dog who could potentially attack you or your family. RESPONSIBLE RESCUERS DO NOT TAKE CHANCES. They are honest about the breed.

So what type of home and owner does the American Pit Bull need?

  1. A home that accepts the breeds natural propensity for dog aggression. If you can’t split your dog from other pets when you are not supervising the dog or you cannot split your pit bull from other pets if your pit bull doesn’t get along with your other pets, then the pit bull is not for you. If you want to take your dog to play dates or you want to be able to take your dog to off-leash places, then the pit bull is not for you.
  2. An owner who is dedicated to early and ongoing socialization and training at a FORCE FREE TRAINER that continues throughout the dogs life. If you are not able to do this then the pit bull is not for you.
  3. An owner who is committed to ongoing environmental management. Your pit bull will need to be safely contained in your garden and you are responsible for ensuring that your dog is not a nuisance to neighbors and the people around it.
  4. An owner who ensures the safety of all children and your dog. These are NOT NANNY DOGS, children should be taught to respect dogs and owners must never leave children unattended with the family dog. Ever!
  5. An owner who will sterilize their dogs. We have enough unwanted dogs. Do not add more. Breeding should be left to the very small percentage of people who knows what they are doing.

These are wonderful dogs who require a special owner. If you cannot meet their needs. Please admire them from a distance.






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