Dark days

A very dark day has descended on the pit bull and right now we all feel like we are being consumed. But sometimes the smallest acts of kindness create a wave that cannot be stopped.

We now challenge EVERY pit bull owner and company who says they are for the pit bull to step up and support the SPCAs and private shelters (details on request of those who are definitely helping) who are taking in these dogs. Post a photo of you with your donation with # IAM (and your dogs name) and include your local SPCAs name and we will feature it on our face book page. Let us show the world not every pit bull owner is the same.

Things they need

Dry dog food ( adult and puppy).

Wet dog food



Fly traps for the kennels

Washing powder

Dish washing liquid

And how about throwing in something for the staff ( a cake, some 2L cold drinks, snacks for the staff who will be stuck in their cars fetching dogs).






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