Did you know?

Did you know the PBFSA has kept record of registered dogs, their owners, in case of imported dogs where they were imported from and who imported these dogs. For 32 years we have kept hard copies and we have owned and run a database. These dogs were dogs who were shown at PBFSA or who showed and were bred before the PBFSA and Pit Bull Union became two seperate entities.

We have always added to, updated and maintained this database.

When we brought the open class in, unregistered pit bulls were added.

We liaise with the registration bodies in SA when our system flags a pedigree.

All information remains confidential.

The database and record has always been there.

Our calls for the survey recently serves a valuable purpose. The PBFSA is currently working on a game plan to counter a ban, and every step has to have verifiable information. We thank you for your patience.






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