Dog attack from other breeds too are being ignored

It is becoming more and more evident that dog attacks from other breeds too are being ignored by law enforcement and ignored by the media. 

We are calling on ALL bite or attack victims (humans and their animals) who have been attacked by any off-leash dog EXCLUDING pit bulls to come forward.

  • We need your name and contact number.
  • Date you were attacked.
  • Law enforcement body where you reported.
  • Social Media platform you reported to.
  • Photos of injuries.
  • Vet report.
  • Dr.’s report.
  • Local media publication you contacted (if applicable).

Please email through to us

We are not only going to use this to prove that all those tasked with enforcing the AMAA FAILED!! but we will be exploring options to hold the media to account for sensationalist reporting at the expense of lives and for causing a frenzy while being unwilling to report on the lack of action by those who are mandated by law to protect citizens and in so doing have cost many lives. We promised we would hold all who brought us here to account. Sensation sells – cost lives.






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