Dog fighting

The PBFSA is strongly opposed to the use of the American Pit Bull Terrier for dog fighting. The only mandated organisation fighting and prosecuting dog fighters  the the PBFSA recognizes is the NSPCAs  Special Investigations Unit . Their proven track record and the results they are getting in the fight against dog fighting sets them apart from others attempting to raid fights or other organizations claiming to be doing this. We advise the public to be cautious with who they support and who they donate to. it is not hard to confiscate dogs and claim them to be removed from fighters. But if there are no prosecutions those who allegedly fought these dogs will continue doing so. To date the NSPCAs Special Investigations Unit is the only body who has brought dog fighting cases to court and got prosecutions for dog fighting. They recently made history by getting the first prison sentence for dog fighting. Therefore as an organization we feel it makes sense and is responsible to encourage the support of an organization who is already established, has trained staff and has the resources to combat this heinous crime. Why reinvent the wheel?

The PBFSA commends the NSPCAs ongoing efforts to end the scourge of dog fighting, and we encourage the South African public to support the NSPCAs Special Investigations Unit. In doing so we can all play a roll in ending the abuse and horror.
Ways that you can help:

1: Make your friends, families, work colleagues and your community aware of the existence of the NSPCAs Special Investigations Unit.

2: Make a monthly donation to the NSPCAs Special Investigations Unit.

3: Keep yourselves informed by liking NSPCA – National Council of SPCA’s page and keep yourselves informed.

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