Formal and Final Statement regarding Breed Bans – 10 October 2022

Formal and final statement, until further notice, from the PBFSA with regards to the calls for breed bans.

It has been brought to the attention of the PBFSA that there are individuals who are stating that the PBFSA is in support of banning the Pit Bull, we catagorically state that this is not true, and we urge anyone who is being told this to reach out to us instead of lending ears to rumour mongers, many of which are in fact guilty of actions that got us to the point where society feels so unsafe that breed bans have been called for. Be assured we are already working on this, but we will not give further details until everything is in place. The information that is public is what you need to know right now.

  1. Does the PBFSA believe breed bans are the way to go? No we do not. We refer you to the article published in NEWS24, where the PBFSA, an animal law expert and the SPCA state that it will not curb maulings in South Africa and the reasons are listed. We urge you to read the whole article. Read.
  2. What does the PBFSA believe has lead us to this point? We refer you to our interview on radio Islam please listen to the podcast in its entirety:

The PBFSA is committed to finding a solution that benefits the pit bull, the responsible owner, the ethical responsible rescuer, the preservation breeder, but more importantly society as a whole.

Please remember that while we are against breed bans, we are empathetic to those who are falling victim to a broken justice system and the actions of problematic dogs, irresponsible owners, reckless rescuers and those mass breeding pit bulls.







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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Good day to whome it may concern. I am a pitbull owner who loves owning a pitbull. My first pitbull dog died ( it was sick) and now I own a another one. My suggestion regarding the whole criticism regarding pitbull ban in South African is that, Can’t this federation maybe create renewble licenses for those who own pitbulls with prove of a well fenced house to own a pitbull. Not all dogs are agresive.

    Kind regards

    1. Admin Avatar

      Comment has been noted

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