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If PBFSA has been warning pit bull owners about the dangers of their actions and reckless breeding why did we not stop it?

  • Breeding dogs is not illegal in South Africa, yes there are municipal bylaws, but we are not a law enforcement body. We can warn and request and educate and guide, but we cannot force the public to listen. Sorry folks thank your friends, neighbours and colleagues. You pay taxes fight your municipalities, SAPS and metros.
  • The PBFSA called a meeting between all the registration bodies and the United Pit Bull Association 6 years ago the meeting minutes are on record. We discussed the problem of fake pedigrees, forged pedigrees, those who bought pedigrees. It was agreed upon by both show organisations that we would start with microchips and move towards DNA parentage testing within a time frame. The PBFSA has always had a database. The proposal for the eventual DNA testing of pups being compulsory was fought by show breeders and forgotten by some of those who were stakeholders. We can only question why?
  • We stopped show sports (long hang, weight pull high jump) this was a controversial decision but we saw the writing on the wall.
    • Warnings were issued for dogs displaying worrying dangerous behaviour. When it was addresses with owners most times the response was “f***k the SPCA and f***k PBFSA”. When our judges disqualified human aggressive dogs, instead of taking this to heart owners ran over to the other show organisations and carried on and bred their dogs.
    • Cruelty concerns were raised. It was pointed out that there were dogs in distress, who had physical health issues and who just did not want to be there. When addressed with the owners the same old arrogant nobody is telling me what to do vitriol flowed.

We ended the sports because it was time to move with the times. Human and animal lives and well being had to trump human ego.

We have held record of everything and when the time is right we will open this up to the right people.

We are going to fight for the pit bull, we are very busy in the background, but we will be exposing where it has gone wrong and those who got us here can then explain to mauling victims, good pit bull owners and society as to why they cared only for their ego.






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