Friend of the Rottweiler Rescue and Re-home SA – 16 November 2022

We thank and commend Friend of the Rottweiler Rescue and Re-home South Africa for this post. This is what responsible and ethical rescue looks like folks. Honest, ethical rescuers do not set the public up for tragedy and they do not set dogs up to fail. They accept that there are dogs who cannot be saved and they do what is right regardless of how hard it is.

See the post on FB: Friend of the Rottweiler Rescue & Re-home South Africa – 16 November 2022 – 16 November 2022

Friend of the Rottweiler Rescue & Re-home South Africa – 16 November 2022

In the past few days the Pitbull has made headlines for an attack on a child, we as the Rottweiler breed have had our share of public incidents this year too.

Our thoughts go out to every victim and their families.

Like in humans a dog is a product of both genetics and their environment. We can never ignore a dog’s genetic make up. A family can do everything they can for their dog and still have a dog who is unsafe.

A dog’s genetics is not that of the breed – each litter is unique and litter mates can vastly differ.

We will always, always advocate for responsible ownership.

That does not only mean high walls, double gates and strict management systems if your dog is unfriendly to strangers.

It can include tough and difficult choices of euthenasing unsafe, unmanageable dogs humanely.

It can also include lengthily but ethical behaviour modification, extended training and support through medications.

And surely it means stepping back, noticing the plight of a breed and not adding to the rising problem of over population.

There is a very, very small “need” for ethical breeders to “preserve” a breed, I promise just because you own two of them does not make you the capable.

And right now there is no shortage of Pitbull’s and Rottweilers.

For us, it will never be how you raise them – it is what humans must and should do in the very best interest of their dog and breed they love so much.

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