From the PBFSA Board for release 18/11/2022

On behalf of the PBFSA board and management team we would like to extend our thanks to every media outlet who has reached out, every pit bull owner and concerned member of the public and then to our two spokes ladies who have thrown everything they have at this fight. They have given up having a normal life for over a month and they have done this without ever hesitating, without you all realising it, they spoke for your dogs and for that they deserve an applause. Their professional, rational and calm conduct really made us proud. But these ladies are tired now and we are stepping in to say, they need a break and we need to focus on our next steps forward

Where we stand now is we are making head way. We understand your fears, your concerns and your impatience, and now we have to step out of the spotlight and now work together with those we are consulting with to now put a goal plan together and iron out a few things.

We will conclude every interview booked until Sunday afternoon. After this we will not do more as we cannot say more than we have already.

Should there be requests we ask that you mail

With such sensitive issues where lives both human and dog are on the line, it is always a fine line between public awareness and a media spectacle. A media spectacle eventually burns out and the public loses interest. We cannot afford for this to happen. We caution other organisations not to become distracted by the lights and cameras, and to focus now on the hard work ahead.

We are now going to be going into talks and consulting with those who have joined our fight, and as new information or breakthroughs happen we will update.

For now we ask that you familiarise yourselves with every podcast, post and news article.

We ask that you do some introspection as pit bull owners, and you become the owner who can be used as an example.

Folks step off of social media. Go love your dogs, take the time to research what we have stated about temperament, about responsible ownership. Identify where you could better yourself as a pit bull owner.

We will speak to you all soon. And just know we are doing all we can so that you can keep your dogs, but we need you to step up.






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  1. Lehlononolo Moladira Avatar
    Lehlononolo Moladira

    I need help with getting my American Pit bull terrie a legal certificate

    1. Admin Avatar

      Please send an email

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