Growing Public Concern on misleading media reports

The PBFSA management team takes note of the growing concern of the public that reporters and journalists are reporting on pit bull attacks without ascertaining that the dogs are in fact pit bulls. While we have to accept that there are pit bulls attacking and killing people, this does not absolve the media of its duty to report content that is accurate and fair.

With this in mind the PBFSA will be looking into approaching not only the broadcasting complaints commission but also the press ombudsman, as well as the SAPS and HPCSA ( as many times it is the police and paramedics who leak this information) to ascertain what qualifies them to make this identification.

We refer you all to the article below to get a clear understanding as to why identification based on looks or what someone tells you is a very dangerous practice.

DNA studies reveal that shelter workers often mislabel dogs as ‘pit bulls’

Dr. Julie Levy holds a dog currently up for adoption at the Alachua County Animal Services facility in Gainesville.






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