Immediate Press Release Regarding Interviews – 24 November 2022

Statement for immediate release from PBFSA board with regards to media interviews

At this moment we are not taking on any more interviews as we have already said all we can say at this present moment.

We cannot stress enough that this could have all been prevented had our law enforcement, municipalities and courts enforced the already existing laws namely the Animals Matters Amendment Act, the Animals Protection Act and the various bylaws.

We are seeing these tragedies not because we have a dog problem but because we have a lack of accountability problem. We have repeatedly questioned why negligent owners are not prosecuted for their dogs actions as the law holds them squarely responsible for their dogs actions.

It is never too late to enforce existing laws. This dangerous narrative needs to stop being spread and victims must know they have rights and they must open cases and they must not let the SAPS turn them away. We are here because law enforcement did not do what it was tasked to do and it should not be given the opportunity to continue this lack of action.

We are currently working with various role players and when we have further developments we will make the media aware. We however caution the media on who they call for comment as misinformation kills.






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