Kennel44 notification

Notification from Kennel44

The PBFSA received an official email from Kennel44 this afternoon, notifying us of the fact that her yard is now closed. This means that she will no longer be allowing any studding out of her males, there will be no puppies available for sale should she breed, and no older dogs will be placed out.

Her reasons are for the following reasons.
1: The number of unwanted pit bulls in shelters, cannot be ignored, and to make any puppies available would be robbing one of these dogs of a home. Therefore she is urging people genuinely wanting a pit bull to please go and adopt an animal who needs a home.

2: With the increase in dog fighting, dogs with her dogs bloodlines are perfect pickings and she will not risk any dog she bred landing up in the hands of dog fighters.

3: Sadly dishonesty is rife in the pit bull world and Kennel44 will no longer entertain people who lie, or who bring the breed into disrepute .

We encourage those who have been sold puppies or who have been promised puppies from any Kennel44 dog, to please come forward with information, as you are being conned.

Thank you.






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