Nanny Dog Myth

Thank you to a face book page follower and former Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeder for the following information. Direct comment copy

“As a former Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeder I know this to be true. If memory serves, the late Nap Cairns from Constones Staffordshire Bull Terriers coined the phrase and it is in his book. He says The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the foremost Nanny Dog…..”

The history of the “nanny dog” had nothing to do with the APBT. That said NO dog regardless of its breed should be left unsupervised with children.

For once and for all we would like to dispel the MYTH that the pit bull was once known as the nanny dog. IT NEVER WAS! This myth was created by over zealous advocates and based on vintage photos of children with their pit bulls.

This is a very dangerous idea to put into parents heads, as many believe it and leave small children unsupervised with their pit bulls. Yes the American Pit Bull is a very tolerant dog. They are good with children. But tolerance does have its boundaries. Be smart folks, dogs are not substitute baby sitters. PREVENT BITES!

As a point of interest, the staffie is known as the nanny dog in the UK.

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