PBFSA Talks with Sizwe Kupelo Foundation – 17 October 2022

On 17 October 2022 the PBFSA and the Sizwe Kupelo Foundation held talks to find an amicable solution going forward.

Our common goal is the same, to end maulings and bring about accountability for those whos dogs are maiming and killing people. The foundation will continue with its current campaign, but further talks will take place.

We have endeavoured to work towards a fair and sustainable solution for all and we will keep our followers and the public updated as progress is made. In the meantime we urge pit bull owners to heed what we have said in our podcasts, our news outlet articles and on our face book page. Your conduct on social media going forward, your willingness to change your mindset, your conduct as dog owners and your being willing to accept that there are bad dogs and bad owners, will largely determine your dogs future.

There is no longer room for ” what aboutisms”, there is no longer room for excuses, justifications and ego. If there is to be a way forward that serves all and that gives hope, you all will need to step out of your individual bubbles and accept what got us to this point, and commit to working with us to make sure the carnage stops, and that lives both human and animals can be preserved.

Change is never comfortable, but you have to realise that what has always happened or been promoted or done was destructive and needs to end.

We STRONGLY urge ALL Pit Bull owners to stop speculating as to what is or is not happening, but to rather calm down, reflect on what we have been saying and realise how very serious the situation in South Africa really is. We urge you to not attack anyone on FB, we implore you to remain civil and to control your emotions. We are here because the actions of certain people and sectors of society became reckless and paid no regard to lives.






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