Pit Bull Attacks to being actioned

Folks we appeal to those of you who are coming forward with complaints of attacks not being actioned to please supply the information our staff request.

The PBFSA cannot open the case on behalf of the complainant.

We will require the following to help you follow up:

  • A formal affidavit stating the date of the incident. This will need to be stamped at the police station.
  • Your full Name.
  • Address.
  • Phone number.
  • ID number.
  • Factual account of what happened. Including date and time.
  • List of the injuries suffered by the victim.
  • A Doctor or Vet report.
  • The police station it was reported to.
  • The name of the officer who initially attended to your complaint and who would not assist.
  • Photos of injuries.

We cannot attend to every whatsapp and request that complaints be mailed to


Kindly note whatsapp complaints will not be attended to.






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