Preventing Breed Bans is going to require Change

Folks, we really can prevent breed bans, but it is going to require change.

Change in what Pit Bull owners say- misinformation is harmful!

Change in behaviour- how our dogs are owned, how we protect them and the animals around them, how we train them and stick to training, how we protect them and how we keep other people safe.

Change in the perceptions we create- no more victim shaming, putting pressure on law makers and those who enforce the law, to hold bad owners accountable. How you interact on social media, be open to changing your perceptions, learn from those who have qualifications and experience.

Change in who we support in rescue. There are very hard working, responsible shelters who deserve support, reach out if you want to donate or adopt we will point you their way. Remember the saying “ all that glitters is not gold”.

Change in how we buy dogs. If backyard breeders, unregistered breeders or breeders who issue pointless papers no longer have a market, they will stop breeding. Reach put we will put you in contact with a breeder who will not sell you “just any dog”

Every Pit Bull owner now owes it to their dog to step up. Stop with the “it is how you raise them”, the “nanny dog”, the “but my pit bull is a saint”, realise that not every dog is safe and not every owner is good, realise many loved dogs are killing and maiming. Stop with the “what did the victim do”.

Let us start to put the blame and focus where it belongs. On the owners who cause carnage, the breeder breeding for profit, the rescuer and shelter spreading false information and risking lives, and more importantly..LET US START LOOKING AT THOSE WHOS MANDATE IT IS TO ENFORCE THE ANIMALS MATTERS AMENDMENT ACT, AND ASK THEM WHY THEY STOOD BACK AND ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN, AND DID NOT DO THEIR JOBS.






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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I’m a current pitbull owner and has owned a pitbull even before the current one. My bit bull is not aggressive and it is loving just like other loving dogs ahich are loved too.

    To avoid criticism can’t this federation maybe create a license for pitbull owners to receive the vet with prove of a well fenced home.

    1. Admin Avatar

      Comment noted

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