Removal of Pit Bulls from Estates and/or Complexes

Information from our legal team 

The principle is that the owner of a domestic animal is responsible to ensure that their pets are kept in such a manner that it does not cause a nuisance or danger to surrounding neighbours and members of the public.

Pitbull owners, as all owners of domestic animals, must safeguard their premises in order to ensure that the animal cannot gain access to surrounding neighbours and/or the street area.

Body Corporates and/or Trustees of Complexes and/or Estates cannot change rules unilaterally and can only do so by following due processes.

If an owner was allowed to keep big dogs the status quo should remain.

In the light of the media attention given to dog attacks currently and where it was claimed that the Pit Bull breed was to be held responsible people responded with panic and uninformed decisions were taken and attempts were made to enforce these decisions.

Dog owners cannot be forced to get rid of there Pit Bulls and if you encounter a situation of this nature kindly contact the following people or organisations for assistance:








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