Scars & Fighting Dogs

Not every Pit Bull with scars was used as a fighting dog, and this should not be used to guilt the public for donations. If ANY rescuer claims to be raiding and saving fighting dogs ask for proof. Do not fall for the hero line. If they are raiding fights there will be proof of court cases.

A very common theme within the rescue community is to lable a scarred dog who has either been picked up as a stray or surrendered as a fighting dog. This then becomes an emotionally charged social media post used to encourage the well meaning public into donating. These dogs often rake in huge sums of money and most times they have never seen a fighting pit.

Unless you have concrete proof that the dog was used for dog fighting, unless you have opened a criminal case at the SAPS or have provided the relevant authorities with proof of the dog fighting, you are misleading the public. Most stray pit bulls end up fence fighting or getting into fights with other stray dogs that they meet along the way. Dog fighting scars are very distinctive.

It is dishonest and unethical to mislead the public, and it blunts the public to the plight of the genuine fighting dog.






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