Shelters Supported by PBFSA

Hi Folks.
Kindly note that the PBFSA is not a rehoming organisation. As much as we would love to have every pit bull in a home, we just do not have the facilities or resources to do this.
Those who are looking to adopt can contact the organisations who we feel are above board

The organisations that the PBFSA will promote are

1: Loveabull _ Judy Meyers
2: The adoption program through the NSPCAs Special Investigations Unit –
3: CLAW- Cora Bailey
4: SPCA ( branches who adopt pit bulls out)

The decision to promote these organisations is based on the fact that they always conduct themselves in a proffessional manner, they can provide us with their financial statement and Annual report, and more importantly they take the welfare of the dogs seriously, without any drama or sensational posts on social media.
This does not mean that the PBFSA will not add more to the list, shelters who are conducting themselves in a legal and ethical manner are welcome to contact us at






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