So where to next? 2 October 2022

After a whirlwind week of interviews, calls from the public and many many questions, we have now had time to check whats apps and comments and can address some concerns.
1: “It seems like you hate Pit Bulls”.

No we do not. We love these dogs. We take our role as breed organisation seriously. But advocacy needs to be raw, brutally honest, upfront and it requires us to acknowledge where it has gone wrong. The reality is, very dangerous dogs are being born. We do not determine the data that comes from studies done on things like the genetics behind temperament, the statistics, the studies done on canine behaviour and the studies on the percentage of maulings that come from the family dog. But to ignore this data means we fail to protect children and every good dog.

2: You hate rescue!

No, we hate irresponsible rescue practice.
We hate misinformation spread by people who have never actually bothered to learn from credible people.
We hate how in the name of save them all russian roulette is played with lives.
We hate the damage done to our breed by people who have no formal qualification in ANYTHING canine behaviour related, who have no breed mentorship.
We salute and respect the tiny ethical hard working handfull of rescuers who are “doing it right”.

3: But my pit bull is amazing!

Great! So are ours. But your great pit bull is villainised along with the man biters.
Your pit bull will be on the loosing end when bans happen. STEP OUTSIDE YOUR BUBBLE. If you don’t stop the arrogance, you will end up costing your dog everything.
If you want to save the Pit Bull..
Stop victim shaming
Stop excusing the actions of bad owners and bad dogs!
Stop idolising those who sing comfortable lies.
Stop denying proven data
Stop risking lives.
Start holding law enforcement accountable for not enforcing the law.
Start fightint for owners to be criminally charged.
Start being willing to actually learn about the pit bull from those who truly know it.
If we stopped and started more, this will end.
Shelter numbers would fall.
Backyard breeding will die.
Lives will be saved






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