Statement from the PBFSA Offices

Over the last 2 days our emails have been flooded with emails from the public and the following information needs to be shared.

1.The “call to hand over pit bulls by SPCA”

This headline was sensationalism at its very best and reckless. Both Bloemfontein and Virginia SPCA raised their hands to assist owners who are battling with dogs who show dangerous behaviour or who they no longer can cope with. These SPCAs are NOT REMOVING WELL LOVED, CARED FOR, RESPONSIBLY OWNED DOGS! They are offering to assist those who need help and do not know where to turn. We thank and commend them! And we urge owners to stop becoming hysterical without reading all the facts. IF YOU NEED HELP REACH OUT TO SPCA. BUT NOBODY IS DEMANDING YOUR LOVED SAFE DOG.

2.Calls by private shelters to gather people to go remove dogs who they have “heard are dangerous”.

This is not legal. A dog may only be removed, with a warrant, by law enforcement. Nobody may remove your dog if it has not caused damage, is not running stray, is safely contained in your yard. IF YOU WANT TO SURRENDER YOUR DOG WE ADVISE ONLY SURRENDERING YOUR DOG TO THE SPCA AND MAKE SURE YOU GET PROOF OF EUTHANASIA. IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO OWN A PIT BULL. UNLESS YOU AND YOUR DOG HAVE BROKEN THE LAW YOU MAY KEEP YOUR DOG.

3. Folks we cannot remove problem dogs.

If a dog has not escaped, has not attacked anyone, is not being abused, is safely contained in its yard you cannot demand that it is removed. If the dog is escaping, is entering your yard, has bitten someone, has attacked another animal then you have every right to have law enforcement act. We caution you however to not lay false complaints as it is a criminal offense. IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO OWN A PIT BULL.

Again we request that you take the time to:

  • Listen to the podcasts
  • Read the news articles
  • Read the posts

We have taken note of all the questions and when information becomes available we will share.






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