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Having read a lot of the comments on the page, we have realised there is some confusion as to why we have taken a hard stance on the breed in South Africa and perhaps this needs to be clarified.

The Pit Bull is in very deep trouble in South Africa. The number of attacks in South Africa is rising rapidly and this has lead to public outcry. People in our communities do not feel safe and they worry if they will be next. It is not just humans who have fallen victim to attacks, many have lost their pets and livestock and we are now at the point where breed bans are being called for, and if we do not address this issue now this could become a reality, and this will be a disaster in South Africa with the amount of corruption, it will also push the dark underworld of dog fighting underground, which will lead to immense suffering.

Firstly we know it is not the breed, we know there are many great dogs, great owners and these animals cause no harm to society, but when a breed ban comes in, these dogs will be removed from their homes and will be euthanised.

So how do we avert this?

We tell the truth about what is happening.

Bad dogs are being born, and they are sold to unsuitable owners. One only has to head on over to Facebook and Whatsapp pet groups to see the sheer number of pups being sold. These dogs are the dogs who go on to kill and maim, these dogs are the dogs who fill shelters and these are the dogs and the owners who give every great dog and every great owner a bad name. They will be the ones who will cause a breed ban.

There is no nanny dog, it is not how you raise them there are very loved pets killing their families. Their owners did everything right but the genetics of temperament can never be ignored, and people need to understand that by supporting unregistered or commercial breeders that their child could be next.

Pit Bulls are not the breed for every home. The breed exists because it was created for dog fighting. While this cruel practice is now thankfully illegal we cannot deny the breeds history and the breed specific traits that make it a pit bull. By accepting the Pit Bull for what it is means owners can make wise choices to prevent accidents.

If Pit Bulls were for every home, shelters would not be full.

Right now YOUR pit bull needs you to protect him or her, YOUR dog needs you to pack your emotions away and to change your mindset.

YOUR Pit Bull needs YOU to question why those who couldve ended this years ago never enforced the law they are mandated to enforce.

YOUR Pit Bull needs you to stop victim shaming and giving bad dogs, bad owners, bad breeders, bad rescuers and law enforcement a get out of jail free card. YOUR Pit Bull will suffer because you chose to rather fight the truth.






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