Surrendering of dogs

We commend the organisations who have opened their doors to the floods of dogs who will be pouring in this week. Should you have a dog who you can no longer keep for any reason, please contact your local SPCA.

There are private shelters who have raised their hands to assist and we will make a list available of credible shelters.

The SPCAs and these private shelters will need your support as they brave this storm at the worst possible time of the year. Please take a bag of dog food, a blanket, sponsor a tank of fuel or many a financial contribution.

Registered Dogs

The PBFSA has received a number of emails requesting help with the surrender of registered dogs.

We advise all owners to first make contact with the breeder they bought their dogs from and request the breeder takes the dog back.

Breeders merely issuing buyers with a pedigree is not enough. You bred the dog you are responsible for it. If you cannot take the dog in, it remains your duty to do what must be done to get the dog safe.

Should owners not be assisted we ask you to come back to us with your dogs breeders name and your dogs pedigree. We will still assist but we will need this information to take it further.






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  1. Tlotlo Boom Avatar
    Tlotlo Boom

    Our livelihoods are in danger and being violated by those who are against pitbulls simply based off of the attacks that have happened in these few weeks.

    Calls to surrender pitbulls have escalated and have become forceful and unconstitutional as they are not considerate of what the underlying issues of dangerous dogs entail and who these dogs belong to and if they are responsible owners or not.

    As such, it leaves those who are responsible at the mercy of the community that feels entitled to the ban of every pitbull regardless of its participation on the merit of danger and rehabilitative nature.

    As a responsible and reliable dog owner and lover, I feel that pitbulls are discriminated against simply because of the stigma that has risen. Cases of rape and abuse, illegal firearms possessions and the use of, narcotic trade and trafficking, house robberies, car jacking and theft, killings by use of dangerous weapons, potholes and corruption, seem to all be taken case by case, with such an unbearable influxes by each, each case is unique to itself and treated likewise.

    However, coming to the matter of pitbulls and fatalities of recent, the blame is suspended over the ownership and no longer each substituent case as it arises.

    This morning SABC News announced that the South Africa National Civic Organisation(SANCO) threatens pitbull owners with a seven day deadline to surrender all pitbulls and further threatens and as such imposes on section 2 of the bill of rights of humans, by threatening to confiscate all pitbulls but force.

    This is not only barbaric, but incorrect and disproportionate to how the law attends to a matter. This will as such result in mayhem caused by the South African National Civic Organisation’s spokesperson, Tshepo David’s.

    This claim by SANCO must be challenged legally, as far as opening a criminal case of unjust practices on the biased attempts to deal with the pitbull ban.

    If the pitbull will be banned in South Africa too, then it must be done lawfully and as amicable and humanly possible.

    Concerned citizen

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