Team work

We would like to thank everyone who has come on board to help us fight for these dogs, and who see our vision for a safer world for both people and dog!

Sadly, as with everything in life, there are people who seek division for personal gain, so for now we cannot give names to many of the soldiers fighting our war alongside us. But once we have won we will introduce you to the people who so selflessly gave their time and expertise to save your dogs.

Our poster lady Ninke who runs her own shelter in Craddock

Vosloorus K-9 gang for stepping up to speak for the great “kasi” pit bulls and their owners. By joining forces with us we reach more. You are helping us get a feel for the challenges in the townships. And you are reaching people with valuable information

For our animal law expert who so freely stepped up to give a clarity on the laws in South Africa.

Our behind the scenes staff who have supported our frontline staff. You compiled documents, you kept admin up to date, you helped us keep the machine going, without being seen.

Our advocate and attorneys who have been instrumental in guiding us.

The amazing behaviourists who have joined forces with us to start education.

Our PRO company who boldly stepped up to join our fight.

You are all true heroes. The PBFSA thanks you and appreciates you.






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