The Open Class

The PBFSA is in possession of a voice note claiming we allowed the showing and breeding of unregistered dogs. And so we would like to set the record straight, because the speaker in the voice note is very misinformed.

The PBFSA noticed the growing number of unregistered dogs in South Africa, and realised that these owners were in limbo. Their dogs had no pedigrees and there wasn’t much for them to do other than breed them which was not good. And so the open class was born.

We brought this class in so owners could show. Their dogs had to be sterilised to become “champions”, they had to be on our database, and there were certain criteria these dogs were judged on.

~their overall condition

~their temperaments

~how their owners handled them.

By encouraging sterilisation and inclusion in our community and rewarding good ownership not only was education possible, but many unwanted litters were avoided..

The PBFSA never encouraged unregistered breeding but instead provided a platform for these owners to be taught and do something else other than breed.

Those who had and have an issue with the open dogs have an issue because owners now kept their dogs and never dumped them to buy registered dogs. Perhaps those who spread this rumour should realise not all owners live through their dogs achievements or the financial gain their dogs bring.






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