Want to save the pit bull?

As emotions run high and owners fear that their beloved dogs will be banned we ask you all to give some thought to the following, this petition to ban our breed is not the fault of the victims but it comes as a result of the dangerous actions and lies spread by those who many of you idolise.

We ask you to turn your attention to the following groups.

  1. Those who say it is how you raise them. No it is not. Nature plays a role but nature and genetics will always win. Not every dog who attacks was abused. Pushing dangerous tone deaf narratives has caused those calling for the ban to note the lack of empathy for victims.
  2. The rescuer who claims to rehabilitate dogs who are aggressive, who tells you pit bulls are safe with all animals, the rescuer who would rather gamble than euthanise. Who claims decades of experience. Who spreads dangerous lies.
  3. The backyard breeder and commercial breeder who breeds regularly and for profit.
  4. The owner who allows their dog to terrorise society, who believes the words of trainers who teach protection work to pit bulls.
  5. YOURSELVES – for allowing this, for not standing up for the victim and instead shaming them, for callously posting photos of your own dogs on news reports of maulings (victims do not want to see or care about your dogs, it was not your dog who mauled). For posting memes and rants and memes calling to ban people and ignoring what these could cause.

Until you change your mindset, accept your roles in this and make effort to change, our dog is at risk. Join us by completing the database survey form. Let’s unite and make the world see we can do better.

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