We are fighting for every APBT and pit type dog!

Please read this carefully and if you have questions leave a reply

Something we need to clear up – There seems to be a belief that we only will fight for the registered APBT and everyone else’s dogs are on their own. We are fighting for every owner of an APBT or a pit type dog. Your dogs and you all matter to us.

We have had to begin education. We have to make people understand that proper breeding is important and that the APBT is a breed. We have to do this so the next person who wants a pit bull knows not to buy from a BYB or commercial breeder. We have to make the public aware of what a good shelter is. We have to stem the flow of bad dogs into society, so we can stop the attacks on people. We have to start making the media aware of how inaccurate their reporting is. We have to protect your dogs.

All dogs matter to us. We have your backs. We will fight for every good dog. Registered or not.






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